About Dr Girish Mishra : His Publications 

Books In English

  • Balzac - A Mirror of E  Modern Capitalism (1999)
  • White Collar Crimes (1998)
  • Sociology and Economics of Casteism In India - A Study of Bihar(1996) - (Co-author)
  • Ram Manohar Lohia - The Man And His Ism (1992)
  • Comparative Economic Development (1996)
  • An Economic History Of Modern India (1994 & 1997)
  • Intellectual Property Rights And NIEO (1990)
  • Debt Problems - Dimensions and Approaches(1989)
  • Nehru And The Congress Economic Policies(1988)
  • Western Financial Institutions And Developing Countries(1987)
  • Economic Systems (1986, 1991 and 1997)
  • Economic Effects Of Millitarisation - edited(1984)
  • A Study Of Soviet Constitution : Economic Aspects (1984)
  • Relevance Of Indo-soviet Economic Relations (1983)
  • Some Economic Aspects Of New Soviet Constitution (1980)
  • Contours Of Indo-soviet Economic Relations
  • Agrarian problems Of permanent Settlement - A Case Study of Champaran (1978)
  • Public Sector In Indian Economy (1975)

Books In Hindi

  • Adhunik Bharat Ka Arthik Itihas (1997)
  • Arthik Pranaliyan (1981)
  • Soviet Samvidhan Ke Arthik Paksha (1980)

Papers -

  • "Agricultural Labour In Bihar" (Agricultural Situation In India -Oct 1995)
  • "Indigo Plantation and Agrarian Relations in Champaran During the 19'th Century" (Indian Economic and Social history Review Vol III No. 4)
  • "Socio-Economic Background of Gandhi's Movement in Champaran" (Indian Economic and Social history Review Vol V No. 3)
  • "Socio-Economic Roots of Casteism In Bihar" (Transition From capitalism to Socialism and Other Essays - KM Ashraf Memorial Trust)
  • "Role of State Sector in Indian Economy" (Role of State Sector in Developing Countries, 1977)
  • "Economic Development  in India Since Independence" (Democracy In   India :Challenges And Perspectives Edited by Prof. R P Dhokalia, published by BHU 1975)
  • "Intermediary Tenure Holders Under Permanent Settlement" (Marxist Miscellany Sep. 1976)
  • "Some Aspects Of Bihar's Industrial Economy On the Eve Of Independence" (The Indian Historical Review , Vol. X, No 1- 2)
  • "Some Aspects Of Bihar's Industrial Economy On the Eve Of Independence" (Studies In History And Society : Myth and Reality)
  • "Some Aspects Of Bihar's Industrial Economy On the Eve Of Independence" (The Struggle For Freedom In  India 1945-47 published by Nehru Memorial Museam and Library) Memorial Museam and Library) Memorial Museam and Library)
  • "Elite People Dichotomy : An Exaggerated View"(The Indian Historical Review , Vol. X, No 1- 2)
  • "Indo-Soviet Trade : Some Controversies" (The USSR in Transition, edited by Prof R R Sharma)
  • "Some Aspects Of Indo-Soviet Economic Relations" (Asian Dimension Of Soviet Policy, edited by D D Nirula and Prof. R R Sharma)
  • "Indo-Soviet Economic Relations" (Studies In Indo-Soviet Relations, 1986)
  • "Economic Co-Operation In South Asia"  (Nehru's Vision Edited by PN Haksar 1987)
  • "Political Economy Of Neo- Colonialism" (India's unity and Security : Challenges)
  • "Historical  Roots of Indo-Soviet Economic  Co-Operation" (Sinews Of Self Reliance, edited by Girish Mathur, 1987)
  • "Some Aspects Of Present Day Fascism" (Challenge of Fascism in Contemporary World)
  • "Economics Of Communalism In India" (Religious Fundamentalism In Asia, 1994)
  • "Some Aspects Of Changing Agrarian Structure In Pre Independence Bihar " (Peasants In Indian History 1996)
  • " The Sathi Land Agitation In Champaran" (Peasant Struggle In Bihar, 1994)

Translation In to Hindi

For People's Press , Among Others -

  • A Contribution to the Critique of Political Economy by Karl Marx
  • Fundamental Problems Of Marxism by G V Plekhanov
  • Biography Of Engels by Zelda K. Coates
  • A Science in Its Youth by Anikin

And Four books for NCERT

Seminars Abroad

1974 Bulgaria Problems of Economic Planning in Developing Countries
1978 Bulgaria Problems Of Capital Accumulation
1979 France Role Of TNCs in Developing Countries
1986 Uzbekistan Indo-Soviet Relations 18'th - 20'th Century
1988 Germany Economic Development in the Third World
1989 Uzbekistan or Russia Nehru's Contribution to Indo-Soviet Relations

Dr. Mishra has also visited and participated in discussions in Rome, Nicosia and Tripoli.